Welcome to Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit Europe

The inaugural CDP Summit Europe seeks to unite drug developers and researchers working on the complex and challenging development of both plant-based and synthetic modulators of the endocannabinoid system and ultimately speed the development of better pharmaceutical products.

As evident by the successful fast-track approval of a cannabinoid-based epilepsy drug into the UK’s NHS, there is a growing interest in European research into the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid derived pharmaceuticals.

This focused conference will put you in front of the research teams exploring the future of therapeutic cannabinoids in a host of disease areas for patients with unmet clinical needs.

With 20+ hours of content, interactive workshops and 5 hours+ of networking with your fellow drug developers, this is the only European conference solely focused on the application of cannabinoids for pharmaceutical use in a range of disease indications.

Join industry leaders to:

  • Discuss the regulatory hurdles – how is the industry approaching the regulatory pathway
  • Understand the endocannabinoid system – understanding the function of the cannabinoid receptors and plant metabolic pathway
  • Compare whole plant and synthetic cannabinoids – discuss their potential in pharmaceuticals
  • Discuss what targets are optimal for different disease indications
  • Learn about intellectual property considerations – obtaining patency for whole plant and synthetic compounds
  • Analyse sourcing, extraction and formulation of cannabinoids to ensure consistent quality 
  • Understand what technology is available to increase the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids
  • Discuss the key challenges in pre-clinical & clinical trials – hear updates about compounds in the clinic
  • Understand the future of cannabinoid derived pharmaceuticals – novel compounds and the integration of cannabinoids into society