8:00 am Coffee & Networking

8:25 am Chairs Opening Remarks

Understanding the Future of CDP & Its Role in Society

10:00 am How to Progress Access to Medical Cannabis in the UK

Sourcing, Extraction and Formulation of Cannabinoids

10:30 am Discussing the Challenges in Sourcing, Extracting and Formulating Cannabinoids

11:00 am Networking Break

11:30 am Toward the Establishment of GMP Process: From Cannabis Extraction Methods to Nanotechnology-Based Formulations

Linking Cannabinoids to their Therapeutic Potential while Collecting Data on Patient Effects/Outcomes in Both Clinical & Non-Clinical Settings

12:00 pm Opportunities & Challenges in Clinical Trials with Focus on Multiple Sclerosis

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking Break

1:30 pm A Party of Three: The Intriguing Interplay Between Three Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Insomnia

2:00 pm Discovery & Development of a Cannabinoid-Derived Therapeutic for Glioblastoma

2:30 pm The Future of Inhaled Cannabinoid-Based Medicine in Cancer: An Alternative Treatment to Improve Quality of Life and Pain Management in Advanced Cancer Patients?

  • Aurelia De Pauw Vice-President Clinical Programs/ Medical Affairs , Tetra Bio-Pharma

3:00 pm Scientific Poster Session

3:30 pm Real-World Data on Medical Cannabis from Canada’s Clinical Leaders: Santé Cannabis

Improving Target Identification & Advancing Drug Administration Technology for Improved Efficacy

3:45 pm Improving Cannabinoid Dosage Forms: Inhaled & Oral

4:00 pm Drug Target Prediction and Development Using an Integrated Computational & High-Throughput Screening Approach

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference